www.crimaz.com watch here full show in 720p HD. WWE TLC 2012 Custom Match Card and Theme Song #newERA WWE Style Booking Theme : "Won't Back Down" by Fuel All matches in oreder (of relevancy) I personally would rather Kane vs Sheamus to be an Inferno Tables Match but I know that is unrealistic booking and WWE have recently been booking lots of impromptu matches on the night of the Pay Per View so thats why the Card only has 6 Pre-Booked Matches! Hello Subscribers I have not uploaded for ages because I have been on a holiday, anyway I have heaps of things I made weeks ago and even months ago ... So I decided to upload this match card with WWE style booking and I think it's pretty realistic Made with Photoshop CS5 and Rendering and Transitioning composited in Sony Vegas Pro 11. (Not really sure what composited means but alot of people use it so ...) Daniel Bryanj custom Titsntrton Coming Next SO!! Like, comment what you think, request, subscribe and ENJOY!!!! Catch WWE TLC live on pay-per-view Dec. 16.

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